Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out Of The Past....Editorial Reviews

About the Artist
The spirit of Jimi Hendrix is alive and well on the debut solo CD from New York guitarist Rob Carlton. No newcomer to the music scene, Carlton gained acclaim in the heavy metal group Empyre and went on to tour the world with groups like Cinderella and Blue Oyster Cult. Carlton, a seven-time songwriter award winner, has been featured in many publications worldwide since the beginning of his career in 1986. Now with his latest project-'A Time Such as This', Carlton is sharing his inspiration in the way he does best...with his guitar.
Band Members: RobCarlton- guitars Mike DiGeronimo-drums Adam Pine-bass Martin Herdter-keyboards
Editorial Reviews

Good Times Magazine,April 1999
This insrumental guitar masterpiece has it all. As you listen,a rich tapestry of sound unfolds...ranging from driving, fast moving pieces, to slower melodic numbers. There is a powerful hypnotic flow of energy right through tracks 1 to 16. Each track has the strength to stand alone,but together they form a truly inspirational whole.

20th Century Guitar Magazine , June 1999
The spirit of Jimi Hendrix is alive and well on this CD. Carlton sets his guitar ablaze and just about rips a hole through the musical stratosphere.

Long Island Entertainment, May1999
Here..s some stuff to get a hold of and listen to. Mighty instrumental rock, this CD will inspire feelings of hope and tranquility. Robert Carlton continues as an outstanding musical force.

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