Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out of the Past....A TIME SUCH AS THIS

New CD by Rob Carlton
Higher Rock Music HRMN7@aol.com

You won't find much about this guy on the Web, but Rob Carlton has been displaying his extraordinary guitar talents for quite a while. He first played to admiring crowds in the Heavy Metal band Empyre, who touring with the legendary Blue Oyster Cult. He then went on to play with Christian Rock groups Sevenfold and Corban.

Choosing the new Christian Indie label, "Higher Rock Music", Rob has now released his first solo project: "A Time Such as This". Rock? Jazz? Blues? This instrumental guitar masterpiece has it all! As you listen, a rich tapestry of sound unfolds... Ranging from driving, fast-moving pieces; to slower, melodic numbers; there's a powerful, hypnotic flow of energy right through from track 1 to 16. Each track has the strength to stand alone, but together they form a truly inspirational whole.

Rob wrote the music and plays all the guitars, but is joined by Mike Digeronimo on drums, Adam Pine on bass and Martin Herdter on keyboards.

There's 45 minutes of very enjoyable listening - but you can just set your machine onto auto repeat play, for a continuous stream of rock that just flows on through the night - getting better every time you hear it! It may be instrumental, but this carefully crafted CD is definitely NOT just background listening! You can't help but be moved and wonder, how's Rob going to top this?

Let your own ears decide - thanks to Rob & Higher Rock Music, we have two CDs to give away. For your chance to win, just reply to this email with your name, full postal address (don't forget the country) & reason why you'd like to own this CD! - Neil Shedden, Ed.

For booking & management info, contact:
Higher Rock Music HRMN7@aol.com

Rob has been inspired by many artists, including Phil Keaggy. You might also like to check out:

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