Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skope News: Rob Signs With HALO Guitars

Rob Carlton is pleased to announce that he has signed a one year deal with Halo Guitars. Rob & Halo will work in conjunction with various aspects of Rob's music career. Halo will be involved with promotions, touring, and making sure Rob's guitars are in top shape when he hits the stage. Rob has already signed on to play next years NAMM show in Anaheim, CA playing a Halo guitar.

Rob has also launched a NEW Myspace page for his fans at

Rob has endorsements with GHS Strings, Morley Effects, Rocktron Effects, and Spectraflexcables as well.
Rob Carlton said, "I am really excited to be working with Halo. They really are a great help to up and coming artists. They also generate sales for their artists through their websites. This is a win-win and I couldn't be happier."

Halo Guitars is a company that was formed by musicians to build guitars for musicians, and sell them at a price that musicians can afford. We will always do everything in our power to keep this dream going.

Halo Custom Guitars, Inc.
C/O Artist Relations
21621 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Contact:Rob Carlton
Cell: 570-982-2133

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Beautiful Collision: 5 Star Rating


This new work by Rob Carlton is nothing short of amazing with the WOW factor in full effect. This record consists of kick-ass guitar licks and high-energy jam sessions. The new CD mixes hard rock, blues and Carlton even throws in twelve string acoustic songs. ALL instrumental with a straight rock feel from beginning to end sums up Beautiful Collision. I would also call this album Beautiful Symmetry due to its perfectly balanced flow. Symmetrical music in motion is at work here.

The twelve songs on Beautiful Collision are all equally impressive. I have to admit that I was blown away by Carlton’s guitar playing skills. He doesn’t just play guitar here, he is creating beautiful sounds by way of the guitar. I loved how Carlton switched between electric and acoustic sets. Rob C. is shredding away with electrifying solos with constant energy being poured into each performance. You’re hearing heavy rockin’ guitar with jams that are rockin’ the joint hard. I also noticed that Carlton’s band on the record jived perfectly with Rob’s style of playing. The drums were bringin’ the goods with solid beats while experiencing finger-pluckin’ good bass lines and the keys added a nice musical dimension to some of the tracks. It seems to me that Carlton & company were never missing a step here.

If you like to rock out and enjoy stellar guitar playing, then you will absolutely love Rob Carlton’s Beautiful Collision. The heart and precision put into this record is quite impressive. In the words of ACDC, “For those about to rock, I salute you”. And Rob Carlton, I salute you and would also like to say hell-of-a-job-well-done.

I’d like to add that Rob C. was recently featured in Guitar Player Magazine and is also endorsed by Morley Pedals, GHS Strings, Spectraflex Cables, Rocktron Effects and recently signed a deal with HALO Guitars. A national tour may also be in the works, so look out for that! For more on Rob Carlton and his new release, Beautiful Collision, SKOPE out www.myspace/robcarlton

By Jimmy Rae

Unshackled Now Out On CD

Bio / Background

This is the long awaited follow up solo CD from Hendrix sounding guitarist Rob Carlton. This CD will blow you mind if you love all out guitar instrumentals.

The title track Unshackled which starts the CD off will leave you wanting more. Rob uses his Morley pedal to bring the sound of his guitar to another level.
Robs first CD A Time Such As This, MASTERED BY TY TABOR OF KINGS X FAME has sold on ebay for as high as $69 a cop!! Rob uses his Fender Strat to bring you completely to the guitar heaven!!!

Some sounds will bring to mind great guitar players like Led Zepplins, Jimmy Page, Rushs, Alex Lifson, Peter Frampton and of course Jimi Hendrix; fans of Phil Keagg will also love this.

Rob has toured with Empre which opened for many well known bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Zebra, Cindereall and many more.

He is also an ASCAP award winning songwriters which has twoCD's for sale on cdbabye. Past bands include empyre.

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