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INDIE CD REVIEWS 128..Carlton & Paige - Unshackled (Hard Rock/Metal)

Carlton & Paige - Unshackled (Hard Rock/Metal) Check out this review from back in the day when Rob played under Carlton & Paige. You can also check out two of their songs. Great article..Take a look Here are two of the songs...Take a listen..They Rock.

8 Questions with.....guitarist Rob Carlton

8 Questions with.....guitarist Rob Carlton
By Michael Sullivan
Feb 25, 2008, 00:21

Welcome to another edition of "8 Questions with......" my ongoing interview series with the wonderful people that live here on my MySpace page.
  Feel free to leave feedback,kudos or better yet,SUBSCRIBE!
First off,thank you all for your support on the Debbie Rochon interview! Your support just kicks ass!
I know this series is doing well when I get a pretty renowned MySpace blogger not only dropping comments but then adding the person as a,thank you Kat,you rock!
As many of you by now know,I was a booking agent for many years in California. I saw a lot of great artists and I always respected any musician who could put thier gear in a van and cross the country touring. They would print up some shirts,some vinyl and CDs and play a line of small clubs with no crowd and low pay.
Indy music has always been my favorite and I guess thats one of the best things about MySpace,the chance to explore a new voice making some very exciting music...
  This is how I met Rob Carlton...I don't know who added who,I just know I enjoy his music and his outlook on life. When I asked for this interview,he was very kind to answer and say "yeah,lets do it!".You could almost hear the excitement coming thru his email. This is the kind of energy I enjoy I seeing both in my music listening and creating something new and fun!
So relax,turn off the Oscars (go,Tilda!),pop some corn and enjoy 8 Questions with........guitarist Rob Carlton!
1. How did you discover music? What was the "moment"you knew you wanted to play music?
About the age of 12 I had heard some Jimi Hendrix music and was changed for life. I knew at first listen to songs like "Purple Haze" that was it for me. I had to find out about his sound,his effects and his amps. I was one what  seemed like a musical mission,or if you like,a quest.
2. What is harder to write for,a guitar or a bass part?
I think writing a  bass part is harder then guitar. Writing for guitar comes easy for me.Trying to put a interesting bass line for me seems like a challenge. But of course this varies with each individual musican.

3. Who are in your opinion,the three greatest guitar players ever and give 2 reasons apiece what made them so great.
Jimi Hendrix- the sound from his effects were amazing, it took the electric guitar to new heights. Also his live shows set the stage for what was to come.
Carlos Santana-unreal tones and a very smart songwriter.His bringing into the mix different songwriters to highlight his songs, when you hear a Santana song you know who is playing the guitar! His guitar playing is so singular,even the average music listener KNOWS when when Carlos is playing,no matter who might be singing...
  I'm adding a singer the same way for my live shows and this will be featured on the new CD I'm releasing later this year. 
Robin Trower- Some say he's a Hendrix clone but i think his sound is vastly different. His chords are very interesting for a rock player and also he has also used great singers like Santana.  Robin recorded my favorite  CD of all time, "Bridge of Sigh".

4.As a real guitar whiz...what is your take on "air guitar" and the new "Guitar Hero" video game?
 I think its great! I'm so happy the guitar is big again - guitar  solos are back! What it does is let the housewife down the street be a guitar hero! Its good for the Rob Carlton band as well. Air guitar seems to be cool at the clubs as well, its all part of this guitar thing going on right now makes me smile. Just think of it this way...if someone enjoys the reaction they get from air guitar or a guitar game..perhaps that will lead them to actually picking a guitar for real!

5. You recently appeared in Guitar did that come about?
Ok it all started out as a dream at a young age. I never gave up on that dream no matter what happen in my life,persistence pays off if you have that dream. Never give up! Now GHS Corp., the string company has signed me to endorse thier products,so be on the  lookout for the Rob Carlton Band  to be on their website soon.

6. Tell us about your town and local music scene,what makes it stand out or suck the big one?
I live in a town where the music scene is small but tight,once you get out there,play some shows and support other bands, you're in. I have to plug this local music paper,Nemo, they really do a great job for local musicians here. Also the Pennslyanna Musician mag. I think the scene is growing which is a good thing.

7. Do you like structure in your guitar playing or could you sit in with a "jam" band and play whatever strikes your fancy?
 I think I'm most comfortable just fitting in as i love to jam! As for structure, my new band has helped me with that. I added a 2nd guitarist to my live shows - I think everyone will love that because what you get on the new CD, you will hear live as well, if you're a guitar fan you will be well pleased.

8. What do you like BEST and LEAST about playing guitar?
What I like best I think is my slow lead and my bends. I thank Guitar Player Magazine for calling them thrilling, I do also some acoustic 12 string on the new CD using my Taylor guitar which I love. I think its a side of me of people have not heard yet.
What I like least well I have to say I'm pleased at my sound at this stage of my life. Line 6 amps have alot to do with this,so I guess what I'm saying is I'm pretty happy at this moment but I am always looking to improve my playing.
9. You have well over 1,300 MySpace friends/fans,how has MySpace helped you the most?
Well my MySpace page landed me a deal with a major mangement company, Omni Music Management. It also helped I think with connecting me with  Guitar Player and put me in touch with fans all over the world including japan! I  have 2 sites up, one with over 1300 friends/fans and a new one with over 1700 and there will soon be a official site up very soon as well so you can find out when we tour and all live shows,including how you can buy the new Rob Carlton CD.

10. Which of your friends will comment first on this interview?
Thats hard to say,most likely my guitar students or the housewife down the street ha .... just like to say one thing,while  everything seems to have been done before I'm just trying to add something to the world of guitar, make it real and most of all,make music from my heart.
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A Look Back...Review...Check it out

Sharing His Inspiration - With A Guitar

Guitarist Robert Carlton's first solo project, A Time Such As This, is an all instrumental release of songs ranging from rock, jazz-flavored rock and electric blues. Containing sixteen tracks, the CD is virtually 100% improvisational in nature. Carlton jams over grooves; he jams over chord progressions; he jams over arpeggiated passages; he jams over riffs. Although there are moments of melodic forays, there really isn't one melody on the CD that you can hang your hat on. As a result, A Time Such As This will appeal to fans of free-wheeling, off-the-cuff guitar playing. We'd love to see Carlton take a more structured and ambitious approach to his next recording project.

picRobert, a seven time ASCAP songwriter award winner, has been featured in many publications worldwide since the beginning of his career in 1986. In his early years, he played with the rock band Empyre, which toured with groups such as Cinderella and Blue Oyster Cult. In 1992, Carlton decided that he wanted his music to have meaning beyond just the moment. Robert said of that time, "The Lord touched me and encouraged me to bring my music to a hurting world that needs Jesus Christ in their lives." Since that time, he has worked with Christian rock groups such as Sevenfold and Corban.

Carlton hopes to share his inspiration with others. "I hope and pray through my music, people's relationship with the Lord will become stronger," he states in his biography.

Out of the Past....A TIME SUCH AS THIS

New CD by Rob Carlton
Higher Rock Music

You won't find much about this guy on the Web, but Rob Carlton has been displaying his extraordinary guitar talents for quite a while. He first played to admiring crowds in the Heavy Metal band Empyre, who touring with the legendary Blue Oyster Cult. He then went on to play with Christian Rock groups Sevenfold and Corban.

Choosing the new Christian Indie label, "Higher Rock Music", Rob has now released his first solo project: "A Time Such as This". Rock? Jazz? Blues? This instrumental guitar masterpiece has it all! As you listen, a rich tapestry of sound unfolds... Ranging from driving, fast-moving pieces; to slower, melodic numbers; there's a powerful, hypnotic flow of energy right through from track 1 to 16. Each track has the strength to stand alone, but together they form a truly inspirational whole.

Rob wrote the music and plays all the guitars, but is joined by Mike Digeronimo on drums, Adam Pine on bass and Martin Herdter on keyboards.

There's 45 minutes of very enjoyable listening - but you can just set your machine onto auto repeat play, for a continuous stream of rock that just flows on through the night - getting better every time you hear it! It may be instrumental, but this carefully crafted CD is definitely NOT just background listening! You can't help but be moved and wonder, how's Rob going to top this?

Let your own ears decide - thanks to Rob & Higher Rock Music, we have two CDs to give away. For your chance to win, just reply to this email with your name, full postal address (don't forget the country) & reason why you'd like to own this CD! - Neil Shedden, Ed.

For booking & management info, contact:
Higher Rock Music

Rob has been inspired by many artists, including Phil Keaggy. You might also like to check out:

Out Of The Past....Editorial Reviews

About the Artist
The spirit of Jimi Hendrix is alive and well on the debut solo CD from New York guitarist Rob Carlton. No newcomer to the music scene, Carlton gained acclaim in the heavy metal group Empyre and went on to tour the world with groups like Cinderella and Blue Oyster Cult. Carlton, a seven-time songwriter award winner, has been featured in many publications worldwide since the beginning of his career in 1986. Now with his latest project-'A Time Such as This', Carlton is sharing his inspiration in the way he does best...with his guitar.
Band Members: RobCarlton- guitars Mike DiGeronimo-drums Adam Pine-bass Martin Herdter-keyboards
Editorial Reviews

Good Times Magazine,April 1999
This insrumental guitar masterpiece has it all. As you listen,a rich tapestry of sound unfolds...ranging from driving, fast moving pieces, to slower melodic numbers. There is a powerful hypnotic flow of energy right through tracks 1 to 16. Each track has the strength to stand alone,but together they form a truly inspirational whole.

20th Century Guitar Magazine , June 1999
The spirit of Jimi Hendrix is alive and well on this CD. Carlton sets his guitar ablaze and just about rips a hole through the musical stratosphere.

Long Island Entertainment, May1999
Here..s some stuff to get a hold of and listen to. Mighty instrumental rock, this CD will inspire feelings of hope and tranquility. Robert Carlton continues as an outstanding musical force.

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Long Island Rock Guitarist...ROB CARLTON

Long Island Rock Guitarist...ROB CARLTON

By Diana Olson

Rob Carlton grew up on Long Island in New York where he was surronunded by many musicisnas who would rent roons in his partents 16th century home. Rob was first introduced to guirtar and songwirting at the early age of 12, reeiving some of his first lessons from one of the boarding musicians.

It turns out the boarding house arrangement played in Rob's favor giving him the chance to meet guitar players and songwriters who worked with The Beach Boys and Alice Cooper as well as local artists such as John Gatto of The Good Rats, Mark Hitt of Rat Race Choir, and Chris Cardbury who toured with Buzzy Linhart, just to name a few. Rob was inspaired enough by all of these influences to play his guitar all night long while his parents slept soundly. Rob was in several bands as a teenager. His first album, entitled "Going All The Way" was recorded and aproduced by Kewall Records in New York. It was released on SoundScape Long Island which featured the best local New York artists. "Going All The Way" was a college radio hit and became the theme song for a cable TV show hosted by Rose Somma on Long Island.

Rob has worked on songs with John "The Cat" Gatto and other prominent musicisans and progressively worked his way into the New York music scene. At this time, he formed the group Empyre, which would later bring a lot of attention to Rob. Shortly thereafter, Rob joined ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). Rob recorded 3 albums with Empyre and opened for and toured with Cinderella, Zebra, Blue Oyster Cult, and played the tri-state area as well with many bands. One fond memory Rob recalls is meeting at a club where his band opened for Ray Gillen and Rondanelli, who toured with Jake E. Lee of Ozzy fame. Rob recalls, "Ray said some kind words to me and I'll never forget that It drives me today to still rock!" Empyre's first album was recorded at Foghats studio in Port Jefferson, New York. The band enlisted the help of 2 additional guitarists: metal king Jack Star of Virgin Steele and Steve Price from Thor. Rob wrote songs with his fellow band mates Mike Kigeronimo, a friend of Richie Blackmore of Deep Purple (drums) and Dave Merkernon (Vocals) and did some of his guitar work on the neve board at Foghats Studio, the same neve board on which John Lennon's album "Double Fantasy" was recorded. The CD was released to the world on a Dutch East Indies Label and received pirplay and a lot of press in Europe and Japan.

Simultaneously, Rob started working with Bill of Conklin Guitars, appearing in Guitar World ads and other national magazines wuch as Circus, Bum (Japan), and Kerrang! (England). Rob also had endorsements at that time with Dangellico Strings, appeared with Ted Nugent among others in Circus Magazine, and had an article wirtten about him in a Guitar World Magazine for which he became a hometown hero.

Empyre's success brought another legendary performing artist into Rob's life: Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult who produced the band's second CD, "No More Running Away." As well as having the CD produced by Joe, Rob recently opened up with Joe and his band the X-Brothers at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA.

The final CD for Empyre was titled "I Want More After Empyre," which Rob most certainly got. He formed the band Sevenfold and toured America playing at large Christian festivals such as SuperFest and more as well as receiving attention from Phil Deaggy, who appeared on 2 of Rob's later CDs with Carlton & Paige, which can still be heard on various web sites on the internet.

It was after this milestone that Rob kicked off his slol career and recorded 3 additional records, the first of which was named "A Time Such As This," mastered by Ty Tabor of Kings X, followed by "Unshackled." and in 2009, :Beautiful Collision."

Rob has received many quotes from national magazines. 20th Century Guitar said that Jimi Hendrix is alive and well in Robert's music, and Rob was featured in Guitar Player Magazine recently which was a dream come true for him. He recently put together an new band and will release the new product t the world as soon as possible.

Rob is currently endorsed by Morley Pedals, GHS Strings, Spectraflex Cables, Rocktron Effects and recently signed a deal with Halo Guitars.

He hopes to do a national tour soon.

You can find some of Rob's great sound on his MySpace at

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October 7, 2009
by Skope Staff

While we live in freedom here in the USA, there are men & women serving around the globe that make that a reality day in and day out. Whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere, the troops sacrifice everything to serve this wonderful country.

Skope has teamed up with General Singlaub at the Coalition To Salute America’s Heroes (CSAH). From Nov 1st 2009 – Jan 1st 2010 we will donate 10% of all sales generated through “Skope Marketing & Promotion Camapigns” to CSAH.


Every band, label, company, vendor, etc, that participates will be noted on a special page on On January 2nd, 2010 Skope will cut a check to help the troops and their families. Not only will your brand get global exposure, but you will be helping the troops and their families. No minimums to participate!


The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes was created to provide a way for individuals, corporations and others to support our troops by helping severely wounded and disabled Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans and their families rebuild their lives.

Skope & CSAH Would Like To Thank:

- Rob Carlton

- D&M Guitars

- Traedonya

- Suzie Cocktail

- Downcast Theory