Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rob Carlton Endorsements

They sell nothing but the finest electric guitars, basses, extended range instruments, and studio microphones. They have all the configurations you’re looking for from EMG to Seymour Duncan pickups, Floyd Rose to Kahler bridges, Premium Tone Woods, and more.

They produce a full line of strings for fretted instruments: electric, acoustic and classical guitar; electric bass; banjo; mandolin; pedal and steel guitar and more.

Morley Pedals:
Is the name of a guitar effects pedal company, famous for manufacturing Wah-Wah pedals and other treadle type effects for guitar. Morley pedals use electro-optical circuitry rather than a potentiometer to control the effect. The foot treadle controls a shutter inside the pedal that in turn controls the amount of light reaching a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR).

Spectraflex Cables:
Spectraflex Cables are the "Original Braided Cables" used by musicians the world over. The rugged, high quality nylon braiding that they take so much pride in, is there for a reason. It protects and enhances the performance of the cables's internal components, while preventing tangles and adding flexibility.

Rocktron Effects:
The concept behind Rocktron has always been to deliver quality sound to the guitar player through exciting and often very innovating products.

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