Tuesday, November 3, 2009



November 3, 2009
by Skope Staff

Are you looking to take your guitar skills to the next level? You need to learn from a pro. Rob Carlton is the man for the job and he is ready to share his knowledge.

Keeping the spirit of Jimi Hendrix alive and well, Rob Carlton of East Stroudsburg, PA has a classic guitar style that has been compared to the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower.

Visit Rob Carlton at www.myspace.com/robcarlton  & http://robcarlton.blogspot.com/

Rob Carlton is also excited to announce the release of his new album, ‘Beautiful Collision.’ The album is Rob’s follow up to his breakthrough album, ‘Unshackled.’ This album was recorded over a years time in New York & Pennsylvania.

Rob was fortunate to work with his sponsors on this album from GHS Strings, Morly Pedals, Rocktron, Spectraflex Cables, and Halo Guitars. Some of the sounds will bring to mind great guitar players like Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Rush’s Alex Lifson, Peter Frampton, Jimi Hendrix and Phil Keaggy.

Rob will come to your home and work with you or your child on:

- Guitar Maintenance
- various chords, scales, Leads
- Live Performance
- Strengthen Rhythm & Lead Playing
- Playing Favorite Rock Songs
- Rob Will Perform Half Hour Set
- Help Strengthen Songwriting
- Overall ..Career.. Assessment
- You also receive a copy of ‘Beautiful Collision’, Poster, & Guitar Pic
- + Anything Else You Want To Work On
Cost: $100/hour + Travel Expenses (Limited To Northeast United States)

Contact: Rob Carlton
Cell: 570-982-2133

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